How To Prepare Adalu – Beans And Corn

How To Prepare Adalu – Beans And Corn

Good day I welcome you to another edition of how to cook and recipes and I thank you very much for have been visiting our website and also another thanks for joining us on today’s edition. Today we are going to learn how to prepare Adalu (Beans and corn)

The word Adalu is a yoruba word for Beans and Corn. Many might wonder why someone would want to eat such Combination of food but this food is mostly enjoyed by the yoruba’s it’s a common meal amongst them, one can even see them selling the already prepared meal in the streets of Lagos.

I have tested the meal at one time in my life and I loved it the meal is very delicious meal and I took it upon myself to learn how to cook this meal so that I can prepare it and eat whenever I feel like eating it. So today we are going to learn how to prepare Adalu (Beans and corn)

Firstly we are going to start with corn how to process and prepare it and we are going to start with the health benefits of corn

1. Diabetes:- corn is a very good food which contains vitamin B which helps regulates the amount of protein, carbohydrates and other metabolisms

2. Energy:- corn contains starch which is an energy giving food that boost the body performance

3. Eye Vision:- corn helps in improving the eyes vision cause it contains vitamin A.

4. Healthy Hair:- the vitamin c and antioxidants that corn contains helps in strengthening the hair making it look shiny

5. Shiny skin:- the antioxidants and collagen in corn helps nourish the skin and keeping it free from radicals that damages the skin

6. Pregnancy:- corn is rich in folic acid and fiber which reduces the risk of birth defects in children

Now to the aspect of how to plant and prepare Corn

Using Imo State as an example of how they plant and harvest corn. Firstly corn here in imo state is been planted between April and may every year. One has to get a corn maybe planted the previous year then peel off the corn from the corn sticknow take them to your farm land or garden where you want to plant it, when you must have gotten to the place you want to plant it, dig a hole at least 3 to 4 inches, bury the corn and cover it leave it their for at least 2 months and your corn is ready to harvest. If you plant the corn in your garden please try to water it at most ones a day so the corn would grow well, but if planted in the farm just leave it, there is always rain fall between that April and may which helps keep the soil wet.

When you would have harvested the corn now peel off the corn from the corn stick, wash it properly with water get your pot and a clean water to it, pour the already washed corn in it and put it on your heating material be it stove, gas cooker, or firewood allow the corn to boil for 30 minutes make sure the water doesn’t get dried cook it until the corn is well cooked and soft and the corn is ready for consumption but this one we are adding beans to it so we are also going to prepare beans

Now let’s take a look at three healthy benefits of beans

1. Reduced Fat:- beans contains only 3 percent fat which contains no cholesterol

2. Healthy Heart:- consuming beans help keep a healthy heart and prevents chronic diseases due to its rich nutrients in fiber

3. Blood Sugar Level:- beans is rich in fibre and helps lower cholesterol and sugar level

With this 3 health benefits you could at least know why its important to consume beans and also if you still want to find out more health benefits of beans you can find it on our other post’s about beans

Let’s start how beans is being prepared

1. Get your pot
2. Heating material that’s stove, gas cooker and maybe fire wood
3. Maggi, salt, pepper, crayfish and any other you would want to add

First you have to select the beans, separating the beans from the charfs and look out for small stones and remove them.

Now we start by adding clean water to the pot wash your beans and pour it inside the water cover it and allow it to boil for some minutes maybe like 30 minutes and Check if it’s well cooked if its stl not yet well cooked you add more water to it cook until the beans is soft, when you would have confirmed that the beans is soft then you pour your already cooked corn initially and slice your onions and pour it inside the boiling food and wait for at least ten minutes then now add your Maggi, salt, pepper, crayfish and other ingredients you would want to add stir the food wait for 2 minutes again so that the ingredients will be well cooked then after that pour your red oil in it and stir repeatedly until the oil must have touched every part of the food and your Adalu (Beans and corn) is ready to eat

NOTE:- All processes and cookies techniques here is according to the way its been done here in the Eastern part of Nigeria, some other persons might have their own ways of cooking same meal, the yoruba’s might also have there own way of preparing this meal but all will still be the same Adalu and have a great test also.

CONCLUSION:- thank you for being patient and reading through our blog post today I hope you like this edition and please share this information with other people around you who would want to learn how to prepare Adalu.

And please feel free to express your thoughts on this post and don’t forget to also tell us ways to improve as we are determined to serving the public. Thank you

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