How To Prepare Fresh Fish Pepper Soup And Yam

How To Prepare Fresh Fish Pepper Soup And Yam

Hello welcome to today’s edition of how to cook and recipes today we are going to learn how to prepare fresh Fish pepper soup and yam. I do appreciate every of your time you create to make sure you read my blog posts,take sometime and read through the post and it’s instructions carefully and I promise you will learn something new today.

Fresh Fish pepper is one food I would want you to try, it’s very delicious and has some health benefits, some people would ask questions of what is there in Fresh Fish pepper soup is it not the same as eating only Fish? The answer is there are lots of things you benefit from eating fish pepper soup, from the hot water that is very good for the digestive system to the pepper which contains a whole lots of vitamins and low calories.

So let’s start with the preparations of fish, narrating it I will be using my experience in bayelsa for a better understanding and please also know note that whichever procedures I give here is according to my own experience, some other persons would have their own experiences but I am giving the assurance of letting you know that I offer if not the best but advance methods of cooking

Let’s take a quick look at the health benefits Of Fresh Fish.

1. Risk Of Cancer:- when you consume fish it helps to lower the risk of digestive cancers

2. Healthy Heart:- health proven, fish helps keeps a healthy heart due to its richness in omega 3 fatty acids

3. Cholesterol:- people who consumes moderate amounts of Fish helps keep a lower cholesterol level, fish contains omega 3 fatty acids helps in doing so

4. Eye Vision:- the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish helps in improving the vision of the eyes

5. Vitamins:- moderate consumption of Fish contains a high range of vitamin D essential for the bone health and growth

Now that we have seen the health benefits of Fresh fish I know you would want to consume lots of it.

How To Prepare Fresh Fish pepper soup

1. Get your fresh fish

2. Fresh pepper

3. Curry leave, Maggi, salt

4. A pot

5. Your heating material

When you would have gotten all this, cut your fresh fish so it will be very much easy for you to wash, now wash the fish thoroughly with clean water, put the fish inside the pot, don’t add water to it put the pot on the fire, allow it to steam for 2 minutes then ground or slice your fresh pepper pour it inside the fish then add a little water to it measurement should be around 100cl to 120cl so that it won’t be watery then cut your curry leave and pour it inside also add your Maggi and salt stir it and allow it to boil for 5 minute and your fresh fish pepper soup is ready to serve.

Remember we are preparing fresh fish pepper soup and yam so the procedures is not yet complete we go into the aspect of yam, yam is a very nutritious food but many would not know, what many believes is that yam is under the class of food being carbohydrate which is an energy giving food but many did not know that yam offers nutritional benefits beyond that, let’s take few minutes and look at the nutritional health benefits of yam.

Health benefits of Yam:-

1. Improved Digestive System:- yam contains starch, dietary fiber that enhances digestive enzymes activities which improves digestive system functionality

2. Brain Function:- yam helps improve the brains function because it is very rich in potassium and according to health researches shows that potassium promotes the brains nerve activities

3. Cancer:- yam may be useful in helping regulate cancer because of its rich possessions of antioxidants and anti inflammatory agents

4. Treatment Of Diabetes:- yam helps control the sugar level because it contains a natural sugar one would not want another sugar when regulating sugar level and it also contains glucose metabolisms

5. Fertility:- a research study has shown that yam helps in fertility because of its richness in natural progesterone

6. Weight loss:- yam helps for weight loss, those who would want to watch and control their weight are advised to extract the fibers in the root of yam boil it and drink as a medicine

7. Healthy Skin:- Yam also contains diosgenin which helps fight against skin aging in women

We have seen the health benefits of yam so at least this we encourage to eat yam and not think it’s a mere energy giving food. in summary yam contains, potassium, vitamins, natural sugar, natural progesterone.

Let’s go into how to prepare the yam

In preparing this yam no ingredients would be used as it is just the white yam cause your fresh fish pepper is already prepared.

Now get a tuber of yam or any amount or gram you would want. Slice the yam into bit by bit, peel of the back and wash the yam with a clean water and rinse it twice before putting it inside the pot now add water inside cover your pot and place in on the gas cooker, allow it to boil for at least 20 minutes. While waiting you have to dispose the peel yam back and also throwaway the water used in washing the yam, practice proper hygiene.

Let’s I forget let me still let you know that the back of that yam is also sti useful, it is useful in processing yam flour (Elubo) the youruba’s would understand what am trying to say. To get that Yam flour (Elubo) from the peel back of yam follow this procedures.

1. Wash the back of the yam

2. Spread the back of the yam on a dry surface with direct sunlight for it to dry, sometimes it takes two days or three before it’s properly dry.

3. Use a knife to remove that part that looks like a paper from the back of the yam

4. Ground it with a grounding machine, to those that doesn’t have can take it to where it will be grounded

After grounding your yam flour (Elubo) is ready and you can make it for consumption.

Back to the boiling yam after the 20 minutes as stated above add your salt, cover it and wait for another 10 minutes and check if the yam is well cooked if it’s well cooked then separate the water from the yam and serve your yam in a plate and also serve your fresh fish pepper soup in another another plate and your food is ready.

CONCLUSION:- Thank you for reading my blog post I must give you a thumbs up, please do share this information with whomever would want to learn how to prepare fresh fish pepper soup and yam

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