How To Prepare Pounded Cocoyam And Oha Soup

How To Prepare Pounded Cocoyam And Oha Soup.

Hello dear welcome to another edition of how to cook and recipes we hope you found our last edition very informative and helpful. On today’s edition we are going to learn how to prepare pounded Cocoyam and Oha Soup.

Cocoyam and Oha soup is a very nutritious meal and it’s mostly cooked by the Igbos in Eastern Nigeria. It is a very nutritious soup and as well very expensive to prepare, not everybody is privileged to cook Oha soup cause of how expensive it is to prepare it but on today’s edition we are going to learn how to prepare it with little expense.

Cocoyam inclusive is used to prepare Oha soup and also pouded on its own used in eating the soup just like soup and garri for those who might be confused.

Now let’s look into the health benefits of Cocoyam because we are starting with it first

1. Eye Vision:- consuming Cocoyam helps in boosting the eye vision cause it contains lots of antioxidants

2. Improved Immune System:- Cocoyam encourages the immune system because of its rich nutrients in vitamin C which plays an important role in the body

3. Rheumatism:- Cocoyam is somewhat beneficial to the body cause it helps strengthen the body against severe pains and rheumatisms cause it contains vitamin B6

4. Healthy Heart:- Cocoyam contains potassium which is essential the aiding the heart by relaxing the veins and blood vessels

5. Improved Digestive System:- Cocoyam is rich in dietary fibre which plays a major role of helping consumed food moves freely through the digestive system

Now that we have seen and known the health benefits of Cocoyam how about we getting a little knowledge of how is been planted, harvested before proceeding to how it’s processed for consumption.

Cocoyam is a very nutritious food on its own its is very popular for its nutritional benefits such has rich in diatery fibre and potassium now we are going to learn how to plant Cocoyam.

Cocoyam can be planted sub tropical and tropical areas it grows at least 3 to 6 feet tall ,in cold environments it might grow up to 2 feet tall while in hot area’s it’s grows at most 6 feet tall. Mild winter areas can hinder the growth as not growing up to the expected feet.

Planting Cocoyam one needs to get the Cocoyam corms, dig ridges and spaces between the ridges make holes and bury the Cocoyam corms in it.

You need to always water it often, so that nothing will hinder it from growing because Cocoyam prefers growing in a moisturized soil. Like I said initially Cocoyam grows mostly in very warm environments it can’t survive in cold environments by so doing if planted in a very warm environment you need to always water it, always apply fertilizer to the plant, Cocoyam prefers fertilizer that are very rich in potassium, do this to record a very good result.

When all this planting instructions have been followed duely you need to wait at least 200 days before harvesting Cocoyam that’s approximately 6 to 7 months before you start harvesting it. I want us to also know that Cocoyam leaves is also good for the health you can also harvest the leaves boil it and consume it cause its very good for the digestive system.

NOTE:- The procedures outlined is According to the way people here in anambra State Nigeria do plant and harvest Cocoyam, some other parts of the world would have their own ways of planting and harvesting Cocoyam

How To Prepare Cocoyam

After you would have harvested your Cocoyam slice them into little pieces wahs it with clean water, boil it with the back make sure you don’t add salt to it. Don’t be surprised we are boiling it with the back its just a very easy way to remove the back cause after boiling it the backs are soft and very easy to peel off, when you must have boiled it and separate the back from the Cocoyam it self. Get you motal and your pistle pour the cocoyam inside the motal and pound the Cocoyam repeatedly with the pistle until it is very smooth and easy for consumption.

We are done with the part Of Cocoyam let’s go the part of preparing Oha Soup.

Outlining Things Needed:-

1. Oha leave

2. Meat, fish, stock fish, crayfish

3. Maggi, salt, pepper, red oil.

4. Heating material like stove, gas cooker or firewood

Now firstly you are to wash thoroughly your meat, fish and stock fish with clean water then per boil it for at least 2 minutes then pour more water to it allow it to boil. Remember we are learning how to prepare Oha soup with little expenses.and then add red oil and pepper to the boiling water and allow with to continue boiling. Now then the pounded Cocoyam take little out of it and mold it to small particles the size of a grain or beans, after molding it put them inside the boiling water and leave it to dissolve this will serve as the soup thickner then allow it to boil for 5 minutes and stir it every two minutes at intervals.

Cut your Oha leaves into small particles, wash it with clean water and pour them inside the boiling soup, add your Maggi, pepper, salt and other ingredients to taste. Stir the soup and give it 2 minutes then bring it down from the fire and your pounded Cocoyam and Oha soup is ready to serve.

CONCLUSION:- this methods outlined is according to the way its been prepared here in Eastern part of Nigeria. Thank you for bringing out your time and reading through my blog posts to learn a new thing today once again I appreciate

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